They’re gone but not forgotten, and will walk once again in Lockport’s beautiful Glenwood Cemetery to make your acquaintance! Five late Lockportians now calling the cemetery home will revisit

Geoff Koplas as "William Rand Kenan"

Geoff Koplas as “William Rand Kenan”

this world as the Niagara History Center’s Step Back in Time Players tell “Cemetery Tales,” Sunday, August 27, from 1-3 p.m.

“The People of Glenwood Cemetery” will be above-ground for the afternoon at 325 Glenwood Ave. to present “first-hand” tales of their fascinating lives and accomplishments in our historic community.

You’ll meet “William Morgan” (Clint Starke), a Lockport native who will share how he invented the game of volleyball. He expanded its appeal from New England YMCA’s and colleges to create a game now enjoyed worldwide.

Lockport’s “William Rand Kenan” (Geoffrey Koplas) will tell of his life as an industrialist, inventor, dairy farmer and philanthropist. His estate became the Kenan Center.

“Washington Hunt” (Henry Peters) will tell of his career, which began as a Lowertown Lockport attorney and church founder and took him all the way to the Governor’s Mansion in Albany.

Beloved artist and art teacher “Raphael Beck” (Charlie Begley) will speak about creation of his masterpiece, “The Opening of the Erie Canal, October 6, 1825,” his career and his family.

Long-haired singer and celebrity “Isabella Sutherland” (Marsha Zimmer) will offer details about her family, career with the “Seven Sutherland Sisters,” and love life, sharing juicy details that fed the 19th-century gossip mills.

Please call the History Center for tour reservations at (716) 434-7433. All tours are $10 per person.

Tour participants should meet in Glenwood Cemetery’s mausoleum parking lot. Be aware that this is a walking tour through the cemetery grounds. Plan to bring an umbrella or camp stool if needed. The tour will be held rain or shine.

The “Step Back in Time Players” will present their final tour of the season at Lockport’s Cold Springs Cemetery, 4849 Cold Springs Road, Sunday, Sept. 10, at 1 p.m. We’ll announce those famous friends from the next world shortly.


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