SPEAKER DR. KATHLEEN RILEY -“Lockport’s Religious Foundations”

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SPEAKER DR. KATHLEEN RILEY -“Lockport’s Religious Foundations”
October 18, 2017 2:00 pm
October 18, 2017 3:30 pm
September 5, 2017
Erie Canal Discovery Center
716-439-0431, 716-434-7433
24 Church St., Lockport, Select a Country:
Dr. Kathleen Riley

Dr. Kathleen Riley

Speaker Dr. Kathleen Riley will discuss how religion influenced origins of the Erie Canal. Free.

Riley will discuss the religious foundation of Lockport in light of the many expressions and experiences along the Canal’s path, often referred to as the “Burned-Over District” for its religious zeal.

Her presentation will detail the importance of belief and faith to those who planned and built the Canal, made their livelihood from it and near it, and experienced the changes it wrought in their personal lives and communities.

Riley will tell of the roles played by the Quakers, Presbyterians and Catholics throughout the early days of the Canal’s construction and growth of Lockport. She will speak of how religion and religious values made Lockport and the Canal what it is today and how they shaped a national consciousness.

Riley is a professor of History and head of the History Department at Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, OH. A Lockport native, she is a graduate of Nazareth College in Rochester. She holds Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Notre Dame.