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Visitors (and Lockport residents) who arrive at the Erie Canal Discovery Center want – first and foremost – to find out about the Erie Canal and Lockport locks.

Most of them have only a vague idea of what the Canal was, where it went, or even why it was built. Very few have any idea at all about the incredible engineering feat that was achieved at what became Lockport. Most of them do know “The Song,” of course!

After years of working with guests, the ECDC staff have learned what it is that most people haven’t learned, but want to know before they tour the locks at Lockport.

In addition to the information presented by the exhibits in the Discovery Center (which not everyone visits), the staff have come up with an introduction and background that answers the most frequent questions and helps explain what people will see (or, in some cases, what they have already seen but didn’t understand.)

Ray Wigle, director of the Erie Canal Discovery Center, will tell you “What the Tourists Want to Know, But Nobody Tells Them,” Thursday, Jan. 25, at 2 p.m. in the Niagara History Center, 215 Niagara St. in Lockport.

He’ll look at the questions and answers that come up most often. Using historical and modern images of the Erie Canal and Lockport Locks, the program will give the audience a good thumbnail history and background to the “Wonder of the World” in our own backyard.

Members of the audience are encouraged to ask their own questions.

Please call the Niagara History Center at (716) 434-7433 for more information.

PHOTO:”Opening of the Erie Canal, October 1825,” mural by Lockport artist Raphael Beck, at Erie Canal Discovery Center.





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