KIDS’ SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM – “Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad”A program for children ages 7-12220px-Harriet_Tubman_by_Squyer,_NPG,_c1885

Harriet Tubman is well-known as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, but did you know that she brought fugitive slaves through Niagara County on their route to freedom in Canada?

Come and learn about Tubman’s life and her courageous missions to escort enslaved people from the South to Niagara Falls and across the Suspension Bridge to the “Promised Land.”

We’ll find out about the Suspension Bridge in Niagara Falls, sample foods that might have been eaten on the run, make an 1850s craft, match underground code words and phrases with their meaning, put together a bundle to carry our possessions, and see if we can get to Canada by solving problems and overcoming obstacles along the way.

The program runs from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and the History Center will provide a snack. The cost of the program is $10 per child. Parents or grandparents must make advance reservations, and they are encouraged to leave children for the duration of the program.

Please call the History Center at 716-434-7433 for reservations and more information, or email Education Coordinator Ann Marie Linnabery at


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