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Visitors from a bygone era are “dying” to meet you in a series of new dramatic presentation sponsored by Niagara County History Center.  The performances, aptly entitled, “Step Back In Time,” offer the audience a chance to “meet” and interact with some of Lockport’s most well known citizens now residing in the cemetery.  The cast of characters includes such notables as: Lyman and Amy Spalding, Dr. Sarah Lamb Cushing, Jesse Hawley, DeWitt Clinton, Charles Upson, Dr. Josiah Skinner, Charlotte Cross, Raphael Beck, Isabella Sutherland, Eliza Mossell, Anna Merritt, Birdsall Holly, Washington and Mary Walbridge Hunt, William Rand Kenan, Hattie Moss and many others.

Many of the cast are seasoned stage professionals and others are brand new to the excitement. All do an amazing job of bringing these late friends to life once again!

“Step Back In Time” was staged staged at several venues this summer,  including tours of historic Glenwood and Cold Springs Cemeteries in Lockport. Please watch this web site, our Facebook, newsletter and local media for news of upcoming appearances .

“Step Back In Time” cast members are also available to perform for your group or civic organization. For additional information, contact the History Center at  (716)434-7433.



Charlie Begley as "Dr. Josiah Skinner"

Charlie Begley as “Dr. Josiah Skinner”

Enjoy a visit with Lockport greats from the great beyond as the Niagara History Center’s Step Back in Time Players share a walking tour of Cold Springs Cemetery, Sunday, July 9, at 1 p.m.

The re-enactors will tell “Cemetery Tales” of well-known Lockport figures now calling that final resting place home. Meet “Dr. Josiah Skinner” (Charlie Begley), Lowertown physician; “Lyman Spalding” (Dennis Caisse), early Lockport settler and Quaker humanitarian; “Charlotte Cross” (Marsha Zimmer), educator honored with a school bearing her name; and “Eliza Mossell” (Brenda Reaves), advocate for Lockport’s African-Americans.

Our visitors from yesteryear will have many stories to tell as they walk once again for the afternoon. Enjoy the beauty and peace of Cold Springs Cemetery while the Players offer tales of Old Lockport.

Step Back in Time Players dress and speak as their characters, whom they have carefully researched, and give a personalized account of that individual’s life and accomplishments here in our community. They also present their characters within the context of local history, creating a vivid picture of both the person and the world in which he or she lived.

Cold Springs Cemetery is located at 4849 Cold Springs Road in Lockport. The tour group will meet at the entrance near the cemetery office.

The tour will last approximately two hours and be held rain or shine. It is a walking tour over cemetery pathways and lawns. Plan to wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella or camp stool if needed.

Tickets are $10. Please call the History Center for information and reservations at 434-7433.

The Step Back in Time Players will tell “Cemetery Tales” on two additional Sundays this summer. These tours and Lockport locations are:  August 27, Glenwood Cemetery, and Sept. 10, Cold Springs Cemetery. All tours will begin at 1 p.m. Details of these tours will be announced soon.

Don’t miss meeting late Lockportians who are “just dying” to meet you!






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