Niagara County Bicentennial Moments Reprised

The fireworks, concerts, parades and events held to celebrate the Bicentennial of Niagara County have come to a close, but the memories of these celebrations still linger. The History Center of Niagara County is pleased to add one final written publication to the list of several others that were accomplished during the Bicentennial year.

For over a year during and before the actual Bicentennial year of 2008, the History Center staff added to the written record of the occasion with over one hundred topical articles on special moments and special people in Niagara County’s history. These “Bicentennial Moments” were published weekly in several regional newspapers. The same articles have now been brought together in book form to serve as a final memento of this important milestone in Niagara County’s history.

The History Center is very thankful for the financial assistance of the Niagara County Bicentennial Committee and the printing prowess of Kax Solutions of Lockport, who worked in tandem to make this publication of “Bicentennial Moments” possible. The purchase price of the book is $11.95 per copy. The books make great gifts and are now available for purchase at the History Center at 215 Niagara Street and the Erie Canal Discovery Center, 24 Church Street in Lockport.

Price: $11.95


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