Summer History for Kids returns this month with all-new adventures! Once again, the History Center of Niagara will offer one-day programs in the summer for children ages 7-12 years old. These sessions will run from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on four Wednesdays, beginning July 12 and continuing through August 2.

The cost of the program is $20 per week. This includes all hands-on activities, craft materials and an afternoon snack each of the days.

Sessions are conducted by museum staff, volunteers and college interns at the Niagara County Historical Society, 215 Niagara St. in Lockport. Each week has a different historical theme. The schedule for summer 2017 is:

July 12 – The Race to Space: From Project Mercury to the Space Shuttle – This program will examine the “space race” between the United States and the Soviet Union beginning in the 1950s.  Participants will learn how each nation tried to outdo the other in their attempts to put a man in space and then on the moon; find out how astronauts live, work, eat, sleep and do other tasks in space; and see how technology developed for the space program is used in our lives today.  Activities include making a paper rocket to shoot into space; labeling the parts of a Space Shuttle while learning about William Gregory, an astronaut from Lockport; and making other “flight-related” projects.

July 19 – A Soldier’s Life: What Was It Like to be in the American Revolution? – Go back 240 years and experience what life was like for a soldier during the Revolutionary War. Try your hand at pitching a tent, find out what kind of uniform and gear you would have, practice drilling and marching, make a regimental flag, and run an obstacle course while carrying a cannon ball.

Learn about how close the war came to this area and what important role Fort Niagara played in the conflict. Find out about women, immigrants and people of color who participated in the war, and how they assisted the American army in winning the Revolution.

July 26 – Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal: The Life of a Canawler – Two hundred years ago, the Erie Canal made New York the Empire State but it was almost forgotten 150 year later. Explore the lives of the “canawlers,” the people who lived and worked on the Erie Canal. Learn about how and why the Canal was built, what kinds of boats were used, why the route of the Canal had to be changed twice, what kind of work and play children did on the Canal, why the Canal was almost abandoned, and what saved it from extinction.

Take a tour of the Erie Canal Discovery Center, see the engineering wonder of the Flight of Five locks, and visit the Lockport Cave tunnel that was built to carry water to power the mills and factories built along the banks of the Canal.

August 2 – Journey of Discovery: The Lewis and Clark Expedition – Imagine going on a long journey to a place that has never been explored and possibly never coming back again. That is what Lewis and Clark did over 200 years ago.

Walk in their footsteps by choosing what supplies to take, eating foods they ate in the wilderness, trying your hand at flint knapping, learning about the plants, animals and native people they met along the way, making maps of the new lands they explored, and deciding which mode of transportation works best for the place you are traveling through.

Reservations are required for each day. Children must bring a bag lunch and drink. Parents should plan to leave their children for the duration of the program.

You can find a discount coupon worth $5 off a registration fee in the Town of Lockport Recreation Department Summer Events publication

Please call the History Center at 716-434-7433 or email for more information, reservations and how to obtain discount coupons.

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